Location: 15 Charlotte Street Rochester, NY (C15 Collaborative Art Space)

Two Resourceful Widows

Place Projectors/Annalisa Barron

Steel, Brass, Chain, Plastic, Optical Glass and Photographs 

Dimensions Variable


For 15 Charlotte St. we conducted our research through the Rochester Historical Society and the Monroe County City Archives. We discovered that this plot was owned by two widows and operated as a boarding house. The aesthetic of our first site-specific projector is based off the design of a mourning fan found in the collection of the Rochester Historical Society and the experience of going into a boarding house and being given a ‘key’. The optical glass, or lens, in the eye of the projector is an anamorphic lens made by Bausch + Lomb in the 1960s. These lenses were used for shooting high quality film in the movie industry as well as for projecting films in movie theatres. A display of lenses has been provided by the Bausch + Lomb Archive.